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5000fish, Inc.

5000fish is a team of very technical and passionate people working together for the past decade to make business intelligence tools easier to use and more affordable.

In an industry like Business Intelligence, sometimes it’s hard to get through the big bucks and marketing fluff to find the right tool for your team.

And most of the review boards out there are actually pay to play sites, run by large analysts or companies looking to make a profit by selling sponsored posts to BI vendors.

Check out the FAQs below for more information on why we decided to start this BI tools directory listing.

5000fish Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions, have others, just contact us for more info

How are you different from other review boards?

The big thing is we're not in the pay for play space. Vendors don't (and can't) pay to get added to our reviews.

Other boards pay users to review, do you?

Nope, see the question about how we make money. That's right, we don't make money so we certainly are not paying reviewers in an effort to add traffic to extort more money from vendors. All reviews are freely given, which we think are better for researchers.

Can I get my product added?

Yes, you can submit any provide via the form. Just be aware, we're not just going to put your marketing jargon on the site. Mostly we will, but we'll also take a look at your product and give our own assessment. But one thing for sure, we won't charge you and we're not limiting any product, big or small.

I don't agree with the review, how do I fix it?

We are always open to fixing any errors in our reviews. You can contact us via the website, you can also submit your own review on your product to address any concerns you have on our review. But we do reserve the right to flag and remove any review that we think is not from an authentic end user (I'm talking to you vendor marketing team acting like a customer).

How do you make money from this?

We don't. We don't sell postings, we don't sell ads, we're doing this as part of educational marketing. Our goal is to provide more real-talk about the industry and to allow you, real users to share your reviews.

Isn't Yurbi your BI product?

Yes, and we don't hide it. We proudly state this website is by 5000fish and 5000fish, Inc. is the proud developer of Yurbi. With that said, we aim for transparency and trying to be as unbiased as possible in all reviews, if you disagree contact us to educate us to be better. The only bias we freely admit in our reviews, we add Yurbi to lists where we think we are one of the best options, ultimately you be the judge if Yurbi belongs after you do your own research.

Where is your info coming from?

Our team pulls together feedback that we get from talking to customers and prospects daily. So a lot is from our own experience and the rest is good ole fashion research on the internet. Our aim is to put it together to help you with your research into the best solution for your business.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@bringyourdatatolife.com

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